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Tips for effective seeds germination

Here are some tips for effective germination of seeds. High quality seeds germination sets a strong foundation for your full growing season. You can save time by growing indoors while the weather is still cold outside.

We always suggest to start your seeds indoors in starter kits that are easily available in Walmart and other stores or on Amazon.

Here is the link:
Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse with 72 36mm Peat Pellets and Bonus SUPERthrive Sample + Plant Markers (2 Pack)

Plan your seeds germination schedule as below.
Chillie and Brinjal varieties - 8 weeks prior to last frost date.
Rest of Bush and Creeper varieties including Moringa / Drum  - 4 weeks prior to last frost date.

Leafy greens - sow them directly after the last frost date. Most leafy greens needs shade and so have to be planted accordingly.

Key factors:
Warmth (1) is key for germination along with regular moisture (2) and humidity (3).

(1) Heat pads can be used to provide constant heat.

BN-LINK Durable Seedling Heat Mat Warm Hydroponic Heating Pad Waterproof 10" x 20.75" - 2 Pack for Seed Starting Greenhouse and Germination

(2)Regular watering helps with moisture.
(3) Keeping the dome helps with humidity.

Light  exposure:
Exposing to the light as soon as the seeds are germinated (when you sight the hook) is extremely critical. Any delay in this, seeds become leggy and get wasted. Seeds legginess is the top most failures while growing and majority of gardeners makes this mistake.
6+ hours of good light exposure is key for seedlings to grow strong. One can use natural light or provide light using any kind of source like artificial light.
Keeping the light extremely far doesn’t help as plants needs optimal intensity of light. Light at 8” above the plant is ideal.

“Do not “ throw handful of seeds in one spot. Max 1 seed per jiffy plug or cell or cup. If you want to plan for backup, use extra plugs.

Providing nutrients is key to help with sturdy growth. Nutrients are not just for big plants. They are needs regularly from the young stage. Sturdy foundation is healthy produce.

Use any of your favorite general fertilizer (organic or synthetic) at 1/4th strength from day 1 of germination at 7 days frequency. Seeds need strong foundation from the beginning.

You may try below organic fertilizer:
AgroThrive All Purpose Organic Liquid Fertilizer - 3-3-2 NPK (ATGP1128) (1 Gal) for Lawns, Vegetables, Greenhouses, Herbs and Everything Else that Grows