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Over Wintering Plants

Over Wintering plants is a smart way to continue growing your favorite plants next spring by saving them through the winter. This process works very well for Chilies, Brinjal, Moringa, Okra. 

Here are the advantages that we are considering.

  • Over wintered plants start producing atleast 4-6 weeks earlier than plants started from seeds.
  • Seeds germination is painful with cold temperatures and care required.
  • Chilies and Brinjals are slow to germinate.

How to over winter?

  • Cut out all the branches leaving 6” - 10” stem from the bottom. If there stem has multiple branches within 10”, you can retain those branches.
  • If the plants are in the pot, bring the whole pot inside.
  • If the plant is in the grow bed or ground, use the shovel, dig 6” away from the plant and pick up the whole plant along with soil without disturbing the roots. Plant this into a 3 gallon pot with additional soil in the bottom.
  • Bring the plant indoors where the temperature is above 50F. Bring them in (Garage, Basement etc.,) atleast 1 week before frost.
  • Water to keep the soil moist. Add food grade Hydrogen Peroxide into water occasionally to take care of any possible fungus.
  • Don’t add any fertilizer while they are indoors.
  • Take them out once the frost danger is over and and temperature is continuously above 60 (both day and night).