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Tindora cutting - “Non” Rooted - No Refund / Replacement

Tindora cutting - “Non” Rooted - No Refund / Replacement

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We can’t refund or replace these as the success depends on how you take care of them. Please buy only if you are ok with this.

We have successfully rooted the plants and they have grown good leaves and tendrils. If you are in doubt, please buy fully grown plants. 

These are non rooted Tindora cuttings taken from matured plant. These are just cuttings without roots. Length of the cutting will be minimum 4” and thickness of a pencil.

These needs to be rooted once you receive them. Buy these only if you are comfortable with rooting from cuttings.

Plant the cutting into a small cup with peat Moss or Cocopeat or  any other medium that you are used to for rooting cuttings.

Water to keep the potting medium moist but not to flood. Ensure the cup has drainage to let excess water out. Keep the cup in semi shade (not dark not direct sunlight) and well ventilated area.

Roots are expected to form in 4 weeks. Top part of the stem will look dry and turn brownish. If the stem is squishy when pressed, the cutting didn’t survive. You will find the growth coming through the soil from bottom of the cutting.

Once it is rooted:

Plant the rooted cutting into 1 Gallon pot with well drained soil. Ensure that soil has good nutrients in the farm of compost or any kind of nutrition. Water to wet but not to drench. Ensure that water doesn’t stagnate in the pot as it will rot the roots and stem.

Keep the plant in semi shade for first one week and gradually introduce to full sun over 3 days.

Provide regular (every 2 weeks) nutrition (Compost or water soluble nutrients). Fish fertilizer or AgroThrive or Jacks fertilizer from Amazon can be used.

Protect the plant from low temperatures by moving it indoors during winter. Temperature below 50 effects the plant negatively.

Keep the plant next to window sill where it receives sunlight. Ensure that there is no vent above it. Dry air kills the plant. Move the plant to 5 gallon pot depending on the growth.

In Spring once the frost danger is over, move the plant into ground into 18” cube pit or into large grow bed with good compost. Good yield can be enjoyed through the season with regular nutrition. Next winter, thick stems can be made into cuttings and green indoors. Root of the plant needs to be protected from cold by covering 5” of mulch. Plant will come back next spring if protected from cold.