Delay in shipping. We will be restarting our shipping starting September 1st week.

Crape Jasmine /  నందివర్ధనం / Tabernaemontana divaricata - Matured plant

Crape Jasmine / నందివర్ధనం / Tabernaemontana divaricata - Matured plant

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Preorder only. Plants will be shipped by June 2nd week 2021. Do not combine this order with other orders.

Please read our Terms and Conditions in our page before you order the plants.

Please buy these expensive plants only if you are used to getting plants in shipping and accept the risks. Please check our past reputation on fb page to feel comfortable about our quality and customer service standards.

Plant is grown in 3 Gallon pot and will be shipped as it is in the pot or in the form of a root ball. When shipped as a root ball, complete roots will be packed by removing excess soil.

Plant will be about 12” height (will be much bigger but want to commit less) and thick stem.

How much ever we take care, During shipping, Leaves may drop and branches may break. As long as the root ball is intact, plant will grow well.